25th December, 2022

Christmas in New Zealand

Christmas Day in New Zealand is a day off or Christian holiday for many people on December 25.This is a statutory public holiday in New Zealand, so government offices, schools, and many private businesses are closed. New Zealanders celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on this day. Some people celebrate it twice a year i.e. in July and in December.

How is Christmas Celebrated in New Zealand?

Christmas traditions of New Zealand include decorations, Christmas trees, gifts, stockings, carols, etc. Christmas celebrations in New Zealand is all about spending quality time for families and friends to exchange gifts, have ecstatic time together, celebrate Jesus’s birthday and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

Some New Zealanders choose to offer their service to special Christmas day. It is an amazing day for kids as they get astonishing and exciting gifts from Santa. Some people celebrate it by exchanging Christmas cards. Some people wrap their gifts in festive paper and place it under Christmas tree and open it on Christmas morning.

They decorate Christmas tree with tinsel and stars. There are two types of Christmas tree include artificial pine tree and natural pohutukawa tree. People decorate artificial tree with stars inside the house. Pohutukawa tree blossoms with red flowers during Christmas time.

Christmas Celebrated in New Zealand

This is a 3 day event for New Zealander. People go to church in Midnight on 24th December. They exchanged gifts and enjoy family dinners on 25th December. They spend time with family on 26th December.

They have delicious meal in afternoon or evening with family and sit around to sing carols. The delicious Christmas meal include roast vegetables, hangi, ham, roast turkey and homemade gravy.

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