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Carol Stories

Carol StoriesHere is the meaning and stories behind a few of the Christmas Carols…..

1. Joy to the World

Many of the carols of Christmas are actually not the carols but are hymns! One of those beautiful hymns is the "Jot to the World" which was written by Isaac Watts. It was written as the paraphrase of Psalm 98 talking about the "The Messiah's coming and kingdom."

Why Psalm 98 is sung during Christmas?

The reason behind is that, the Psalm says us to sing a song to the Lord, who is the ultimate path to happiness and who have promised to help the world with the right path. And, God thus sent his messenger in the form of Lord Jesus, who saved people from getting trapped in a sin and taught the path of righteousness. And, Christmas day is celebrated in the remembrance of the day when God kept the promise he had made and sent Jesus top save the Earth and the human being from all the sinsWhat do the hymns "Joy to the World" say?

We sing this Christmas carol to celebrate in being in the moment when Jesus Christ was born on the Earth on the promise of the benevolent king. We sing the carol to prepare ourselves for welcoming Jesus on the Earth as the savior of human being dreams. He is the king who will help people to get all their sadness get vanished. The universe should sing in unison in the joy of welcoming Jesus on the Earth. This king is so benevolent that he will let his blessings and love flow like that of a river. And, he will reach to so far where the sin can flow, so as to vanish it forever. He is the king, the ruler who will fix all the problems that will come in our way and will rule the creation of the Almighty with love and grace. Though, this hymns can be sung throughout the year ye it is great to sing during the time of Christmas when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

2. Angels We Have Heard on High

Have you ever contemplated on what was the toughest job during the time of Jesus Christ? It was the "shepherd"!! It was the Shepherded who would work for long hours during the day and then would sleep outside without any comfort. They had to chase dangerous animals, find water find themselves, and would help the sheep to get back to the proper health when they became sick. And, on top of that, instead of being in such a tough job they would not get any praise for whatever they did. But thankfully, God sees h same eyes and loves all of his children in the similar way. And, this is the reason the Christmas carol, "Angels We Have Heard on High", which refers to the announcement of Jesus birth to the Shepherd.

Some shepherds were guarding their sheep, when the angel came to them to announce that Christ is going to appear on the earth to take away their pain. After that, some more angels appeared and sang songs of happiness.

What we sing in the "Angels We Have Heard on High", the story of shepherd is told and the song of angels is sung, "Glory to God in the highest". It is not know that, who had written this carol but it is known that the Christmas carol was written during the 18th century, originally in French and was later in 1862 translated into English. The carol is all about the echoing song of the Angel who had come on the Earth to announce that Jesus is coming on the Earth as the savior of the human kind. Also, it asks, the Shepherd, the reason of their happiness! Then, the carol answers and asks people to see Jesus about whom the angels were singing the song. The carol, explains the benevolence of Lord, who sent his angels to the Shepherd, instead of letting the announcement done by the Kings and the Queen. The carol encourages us to show our love to the Lord and reciprocate, the way he kept his promised to bring Jesus on the Earth.

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