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Christmas Games

christmas games

Christmas is the time of making some jubilation and enjoying the beats of life on the carols of Santa Claus. So add some rhymes of joy and laughter in the day with funny Christmas jokes and woo the 'snow man' with your welcoming style. Check out the treasure trove of funniest Christmas stories, interesting questions, which will surely make you enjoy and limericks. So are you ready for the endless laugh and fun!

Funny Christmas Stories
Funny Christmas Questions-Answers

Funny Christmas Stories

1.On the last Christmas, the old man found it difficult to go out for shopping so he decided to send cheques to relatives and friends instead of sending presents. In every card he wrote ' Please purchase gift of your choice' and mailed it. After the festival he realized that he had received only few Christmas cards in return. Puzzled over this, he went into his room, intending to write a couple of his relatives to ask what had happened. It was then, as he cleared off his cluttered desk that he got his answer. Under a stack of papers, he was horrified to find the gift cheques which he had forgotten to enclose with the cards.

2.The Santa Claus at the shopping mall was very surprised when a young lady aged about 20 years old walked up and sat on his lap. Now, we all know that Santa doesn't usually take requests from adults, but she smiled very nicely at him and asked 'What do you want for Christmas?' 'Something for my mother, please,' replied young lady sweetly. 'Something for your mother? Well, that's very loving and thoughtful of you,' smiled Santa. 'What do would you like me to bring her?' Without pausing, the lady answered quickly, 'A millionaire son-in-law.'

3.It was coming up to Christmas and Sammy asked his mum if he could have a new bike. So, she told him that the best idea would be to write to Santa Claus. But John, having just played a vital role in the school nativity play, said he would prefer to write to the baby Jesus. John went to his room and wrote ' Dear Jesus, I have been a very good boy and would like to have a bike for Christmas.' But he wasn't very happy when he read it over. So he decided to try again and this time he wrote 'Dear Jesus, I'm a good boy most of the time and would like a bike for Christmas.' He read it back and wasn't happy with that one either. He tried a third version. 'Dear Jesus, I could be a good boy if I tried hard and especially if I had a new bike.' He read that one too, but he still wasn't satisfied. So, he decided to go out for a walk while he thought about a better approach. After a short time he passed a house with a small statue of the Virgin Mary in the front garden. He crept in, stuffed the statue under his coat, hurried home and hid it under the bed. Then he wrote this letter. 'Dear Jesus, If you want to see your mother again, you'd better send me a new bike.'

List of Christmas Party Games Ideas: Christmas Tree Decoration

This fun-filled activity game can be played by 6 or more players. The objective of the game is to make and decorate human Christmas trees.

Material Required
Green paper. Paper and real ornaments. Scissors and construction paper. Tape. Prize for the winners.

Rules of the Game
1.Divide group players into teams of 4.
2.Each team selects someone to be the tree.
3.Give each team paper and ornaments, scissors and construction paper.
4.Send a judge out of the room.
5.Each team gets 5 minutes to decorate their tree.
6.Then the judge returns and decides the best decorated Christmas Tree.

Blindfold Gift Wrapping

Material Required
A strip of cloth for blind folding, presents for wrapping, wrapping sheets, sticky tapes, ribbons.

Rules of the Game
1.This Christmas party game involves you blindfolding two volunteers.
2.Have them stand at a table with a number of small, unwrapped presents, sticky tape and ribbon.
3.They each have to wrap, tape and tie with ribbon two or three presents blindfolded.
4.The neatest wrapper wins.
5.A good idea would be to divide the guests into two groups and have them all have a go.

Christmas Idol

This is basically a singing contest just like the American Idol or Indian Idol. But here participants will be required to sing Christmas carols.

Material Required
Karaoke Machines or comparable music.

Rules of the Game
1.Out of all the people at the party, pick 3 people to be the judges.
2.Have everyone perform a carol.
3.The judges then pick whoever sings the best. And that person is declared Christmas Idol.
4.Another way would be to have a twist. Tell the judges to pick the worst singer and that person gets a prize.
5.This game works better if you have a karaoke machine.

Christmas Gift Box Game

Material Required
Lots of Wrapped Christmas gifts

Rules of the Game
1.In this fun Christmas party game a small Christmas gift such as a candy or a CD is wrapped in several boxes. 2.The guests at the Christmas party are then asked to guess what is inside the box. 3.You can decide winners by who could guess in minimum number of guesses. 4.This would make the Christmas party game more interesting.

Christmas Gift-List

Material Required
Pieces of paper, pens

Rules of the Game
1.Ask the guests to write their name vertically down the side of a piece of paper.
2.Give them a few minutes to write Christmas gifts starting with each letter, beside each letter.
3.Try to make up as many as possible beginning with each letter.
4.The guest with the greatest number wins the prize.

Who Should be the Santa?

This laughter filled Christmas Party games requires participants to vote for the party guests who most resemble Santa, Rudolph and Elf.

Rules of the Game
1.Give each guest a form to write the name of the guests who most resemble Santa, Rudolph and an Elf. Names are written in the form and can only be people at the party.
2.The host totals up the votes and announces the winners.
3.The winners must then wear the Santa beard, elf shoes, nose etc. for the next hour!!

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