25th December, 2022

Christmas in Greece

Christmas in Greece is celebrated on 25th December. Greece has its own Santa Claus that is called as Saint Vasilis. This Greek Santa Claus visits the home of children and offers them small gifts. Christmas celebrations in Greece are all about celebrations of birth of Jesus and parties with family.

Many orthodox Christians in Greece celebrate this occasion on 7th January as per the Georgian calendar as this date is considered as 25th December in Julian calendar. This celebration lasts for a span of 12 days. Greek people decorate table, Christmas tree, streets, fishing boats, wooden bowl, and home with lighting and decorative stars. This decoration and celebration last till 7th January, the next day of Epiphany.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Greece?

It is not just Christmas tree which is used to celebrate Christmas in Greece. A shallow wooden bowl is the main symbol of this season. This wooden bowl is used to keep small amount of water and basil. They decorate this wooden bowl on the day of Christmas.

Christmas in Greece

Children visit every home and offer their well wishes to people. They sing Kalanda and exchange gifts on Christmas Eve.On the day of Christmas, Greek people leave a fire burning to keep away Killantzaroi away. Most people decorate their home and Christmas tree with stars and tinsel.

On Christmas, people celebrate birth of Mitra (ancient Greek God named Invincible Sun God), sing carols and celebrate with family.Christmas meal is served with various vegetables and salads. It include pork or lamb, Baklava, Kataifi, Theeples, pastries, cakes, egg, melomakarono, biscuits and many more.

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