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Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree A Christmas without the Christmas tree is incoherent. The fragrance and essence of the Xmas trees have been an integral part of the celebrations as well as of the family unit since time immemorial. The celebrations usually begin with the selection of the tree, and carries on with the decorations till the day of Christ, when all the revelry takes place in front of this very tree. Gifts are placed under the tree, as family and friends gather around to celebrate the birth of Christ.

A Christmas Symbol

For families in North America, Germany and other parts of Europe, the Xmas Tree is the symbol of the Christmas season. They played a symbolic part because they stayed green and alive when other plants appeared dead and bare. They represented everlasting life and hope for the return of spring. The use of evergreens was and is most widespread in England and Germany. At least 500 years ago the religious meaning began to be associated with these plants.

Choosing the Tree

There are many varieties of evergreen trees around the world, and finding the first variety used is a matter of myth. Some of the oldest legends include fir trees. Some older, verifiable accounts include hemlocks, though hemlock branches are often too frail to support most ornaments. There are approximately 50 different kinds of conifers sold to eager holiday shoppers. Common types include pines, spruces and other firs.


Once the right kind of tree is secured, the next step is to source various ornamental items for its decorations. It is up to the taste and preference of individual to decide the kind of look wanted to give to the tree. This is true time to showcase the creativity with the help of color and style theme. The Christmas tree is decorated with colorful ribbons, ornaments, glistening garland and blinking lights. No matter how the tree is decorated it still symbolizes a timeless Christmas tradition of families gathered together exchanging presents and love.

Christmas Tree Evolution
The Christmas tree evolution is believed to have begun in Germany, in the first half of the 700s. Later on various additions were made and the Christmas tree custom became popular in other parts of world.
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Christmas Tree Legends
The various Christmas tree legends include the story of Saint Boniface, another legend holds Martin Luther, yet another legend tells of a poor woodsman who long ago met a lost and hungry child on Christmas Eve. While others feel the origin of the Christmas tree may be the "Paradise Play".
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Christmas Tree Decorations
Everything about the Christmas tree decorations, from the ornaments that adorn the branches to the selection of tinsel, garland or ribbon, speaks volumes about the traditions of Christmas.
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