25th December, 2022

Christmas Crackers: Welcome Christmas with a Pop!

christmas crackersThe festive season is almost here and the time to indulge in the preparations is in its glory. Christmas is that time of the year when the whole world is lost in the celebrations of this fun festival. Just like mince pies, Christmas tree, delectable cakes, and socks hanging at the fireplace, Christmas crackers are the most fun element of the festival’s celebrations. The popping sound of these crackers at the dinner table does wonders on the guests and uplifts the atmosphere of the celebration. From the delightful snap to serious clichéd jokes, Christmas lunch can never be that fun without the Christmas crackers pulled at the dining table.

What are Christmas crackers?

Christmas crackers are Christmas delicacies with some fun goodies wrapped in a beautiful packing, which when opened creates a popping sound of a cracker. These crackers came to existence in United Kingdom as sweets and puzzles wrapped in a beautiful paper. Though the concept of these crackers was French but they failed to acquire any popularity. This made the inventor of these crackers think of a totally different concept. He reinvented these Christmas crackers by inserting a sound of crackles in them. Since then, they became the main attraction during Christmas all over the world, having an explosive popping sound, paper crowns, and amazing serious jokes.

The History of Christmas Crackers

The invention of Christmas crackers dates back to 1845 in United Kingdom. They were invented by a London confectioner, Tom Smith, who had an inclination for French 'bon bon' sweets. Taking an idea from the French sweet-wrapping technique, he wrapped his sweets together with a small message or a puzzle in the cracker packing. But this concept didn’t work well.

Mulling over the failure of this Christmas crackers, he was sitting in font his fireplace. The sparks and cracking sound coming from the fire fascinated him. On seeing that suddenly a fun idea struck his mind. He decided to incorporate a sound of a cracker when the fancy wrappers of the Christmas cracker are pulled off to make it more exciting.

Some Incredible Christmas Crackers Ideas for 2019

1. Tea Christmas Crackers:

Take a break from the regular Christmas crackers made with sweets and unfunny jokes. Gift a wonderful Tea Christmas cracker to your loved ones on this Christmas that is filled with different healthful and tasteful teas. This Christmas cracker is surely a fantastic gift for the tea lover in your family.

2. Bath Salts Christmas Crackers:

This Christmas cracker is a fabulous Christmas surprise for your lady love. This Christmas cracker is not a regular cracker that will make a popping sound when opened. The person just has to untie the ribbons to get her reward.

3. Musical Christmas Crackers:

This Christmas cracker is meant for the music lover of your house. These crackers are designed with utmost care and intelligence to help people create amazing orchestra at home. Every cracker has a different music note. The Musical Christmas Crackers doubles the celebration with their popping sound and of course the sweet delicacies wrapped within this cracker.

4. Balloon Christmas Crackers:

Balloon Christmas Crackers is yet another incredible and one-of-a-kind take on the Christmas crackers. There is no special wrapping of these crackers; the balloons are filled with sweets, toys, messages, and other sun goodies. You just have to show a pin to this cracker and be ready for the popping sound!

5. DIY Christmas Crackers:

This kind of a cracker can be used again and again. Made from the long-lasting fabrics, these crackers will last forever. You can create these fun crackers at home with the available supplies without spending much. Fill your favorite goodies inside and then give a final touch by tying colorful ribbons on both the sides.

6. Essential oil Christmas cracker:

How about surprising your loved ones with their favorite essential oils? We all know the myriad of benefits these essential oils provide to its users. Bless your loved ones this Christmas by gifting them Essential oil Christmas crackers.

7. Chocolate Christmas cracker:

Chocolates have to power to entice both children and adults alike. Popping the Chocolate Christmas crackers on the dining table on the eve of Christmas is just perfect. The smile on the face of your guest while opening this cracker of happiness is unimaginable.

8. Toys Christmas cracker:

Nothing is better than a Toy Christmas cracker for children on the Christmas Eve. As soon as this cracker pops, the laughter of kids resonating in the room seems just so perfect.

Don’t just read but also make sure you dress your Christmas tree and the dining table with these amazing Christmas crackers to make the festival of Christmas even more memorable. Merry Christmas!

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