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Christmas Day Plays

Christmas PlaysChristmas is the ideal season for theaters to start their productions of Christmas plays as these plays attract one and all. Christmas day plays can range from traditional ones to those presented in a contemporary manner. For many families celebrating Christmas, going to the theater to watch Christmas day plays is a holiday tradition. A time when all family members can sit together and enjoy the show together.

The magic and love found in Christmas plays make it appropriate for the holiday season. It is widely suggested to check the listings in your area and to see if a theater near you might be putting one on, or one can also buy a copy of the script and produce it on own. Christmas day plays can be dramatic as well as musical. Few of the popular Christmas Plays include:

Long Live Christmas - by Islay Benson

This play has 13 male and 6 female characters, with 13 extras. In front of the curtain is a present day public square. As the play passes back in time, we see a public square in the 17th century. The King of Camerovia banned Christmas because the towns of Christmas: Peace, Love, Kindness, Faith, Hope, Childhood, Fun, and the Christmas Fairy to return Christmas to the sad kingdom of Camerovia. When the King realizes that even though he outlawed feasting, decorations, and presents, he could not change the fact that Christmas is a state of mind and heart.

Butterfinger's Angel - by William Gibson

The Butterfingers Angel, Mary & Joseph, Herod the Nut & the Slaughter of 12 Hit Carols in a Pear Tree is the full title of this play by William Gibson. In this untraditional story, Mary has no wish to bear a child; she has plans. The Butterfingers Angel has to convince her. And his difficulties don't stop there. This is my favorite because, for all the laughter and fun throughout the show, it ends on an introspective note that for me sums up Christmas.

Randy the Red-Horned Rainmoose - a musical play by Rick Kilcup

This play has 18 characters, set in Santa's workshop on Christmas Eve. This play tells the story of what happens when Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer catches a cold and cannot guide Santa's sleigh. The weather is guide Santa's sleigh. The weather is bad and Rudolph needs to stay home and rest. Santa discovers that Randy the Rainmoose, who keeps the workshop clean, has glowing red antlers. With one dose of Momma Elf's Magical, Multipurpose Oven Cleaner and Reindeer Flying Elixir, Rudolph has a suitable substitute to guide the sleigh.

Inspecting Carol - National Endowment of the Arts

Inspecting Carol is the play for anyone who has ever been involved in theater. A small theater company is trying to get their annual production of A Christmas Carol together. Nobody is really interested in this tired production, but this is THE big fundraiser. (Sound familiar yet?) Then the inspector from the National Endowment of the Arts shows up to evaluate their creative work!

Christmas at the Cratchits - Adapted from Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" by Deborah Newman

There are 4 male and 4 female parts in this play. The setting is the Chratchit home in 18th century London. This is an adaptation of the famous Christmas scene in which Scrooge observes the Cratchit family with the Ghost of Christmas present. The Cratchit family has a wonderful Christmas in spite of the trials they face, because they are together.

Little Cosette and Father Christmas - adapted by Adele Thane from Victor Hugo's Les Misérables.

This play has 9 male characters, 7 female characters, and parts for extras. The play has three scenes, set on Christmas Eve, 1823. The story tells of how the former thief, Jean Valjean gives the orphan, Cossette the best Christmas gifts ever: a Princess doll and a new home.

The Wondrous Birth - by Edith E. Cutting

This play has 14 characters with extra parts to play angels. The play has six scenes. This tells the wondrous story of the birth of Jesus based on the biblical scriptures as recorded by Luke.

Big News in Bethlehem - by Helen Kitchell Evans

This play has 2 male characters and is set in Bethlehem a few days after the birth of Jesus. Two young men meet and discuss the recent events that occurred on the first Christmas night in their small town of Bethlehem.

Mahli's Sheepskin Jacket - by Edith E. Cutting

This play has six characters with three scenes. Mahli, a young shepherd boy, goes with his father to see baby Jesus. He proudly wears his new sheepskin jacket that his mother made for him. When it is time for him to leave, he decides to give the jacket to Jesus as a gift. He knows it is too big now, but soft enough to lie on. He hopes Jesus will one day grow up to be a shepherd.

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