25th December, 2022

Christmas in Canada

Christmas in Canada is all about having some time together, with family and friends. It is a day off in Canada on December 25. It is customary to send gifts to family and close relatives, and have a special meal together. Also, Canadians attend the church service on the eve of Jesus Christ’s birthday.

Christmas, though a traditional eve in Canada, varies a lot with families. Some families enjoy Christmas celebrations in Canada with mythical Santa Claus figures, whereas other families simply believe in exchanging gifts.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Canada with Popular Gifts?

Popular Christmas gifts in Canada for children are games, toys and candies. For the family, you may choose clothing, accessories, luxury items and alcohol. Generally, Canadians open their gifts on the day of Christmas after the special church service or in the morning or post lunch on December 25.

Christmas Celebrated in Canada
Traditional Christmas Food

Christmas in Canada completes with exotic Christmas food. They start the day with a well cooked breakfast comprising of eggs, pancakes and ham. Lunch is usually made up of a large meal stuffed with dressed roast turkey, potatoes, a wide selection of veggies etc. Dessert is always either the special Christmas pie or plum pudding. Some Canadian families also eat a large supper with ham or pork in the main course.

Christmas is usually a weeklong celebration in Canada, which comes to an end with New Year. Year after year, Canadians in different parts of the state have been celebrating Christmas in the most traditional way.

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