25th December, 2022

Christmas Trivia

Surprising Christmas Trivia

The chilly December cold, the wafting aroma of freshly baked cakes, the excitement of meeting friends and family, the carol singing and the ‘wait’ to open gifts boxes bring forth a cheerful picture of the year’s most awaited festival, The Christmas Day.

Irrespective of your religion, Christmas is celebrated or at least known as one of the most joyful festivals around the world. 25th December marks the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. If you thought you knew all about Christmas, read on to find some surprising facts about Christmas that most of us have no clue about.

Christmas Trivia
  1. Jesus may not have been a winter baby: The Holy Bible does not have any mention of the date 25th December. According to many prominent historians and their research, Jesus was most probably born in spring.
  2. Christmas has its roots in a pagan festival: If you are wondering about why 25th December was chosen as Christmas Day, it is because this date coincides with the festival of Saturnalia. This ancient pagan festival is celebrated to worship Saturn, the pagan god of agriculture, where people drink, gamble and exchange gifts as way of merrymaking. Sounds like Christmas, doesn’t it?
  3. Christmas was illegal in Boston: Christmas was not easily accepted by the austere Christians initially as it coincided with the pagan Saturnalia. Between the years 1659 to 1681 anyone celebrating the festival in Boston was fined as it was considered an illegal practice there.
  4. St Nicholas threw gold in a stocking: The fable of the adorable Santa Claus is attributed to St. Nicholas who lived in Turkey and was known as a great philanthropist. One day he saw a poor man who could not get his daughters married. So our dear Santa dropped a bag of gold into this chimney and it fell into a stocking that was left out to dry by the fire.
  5. Coca Cola inspired Santa’s red costume: In earlier days, Santa was draped in white, green, and blue while distributing gifts to children, but his costume had a makeover thanks to a Coca Cola ad in the 1930s.
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