25th December, 2022

The Colours of Christmas

The Colours of ChristmasA variety of colours are associated with Christmas and its traditions. Each of these colours symbolizes one or the other thing. Some of these colours are Red, white, gold, blue and more. The meaning of most of these colours of Christmas comes from the traditions of Northern/Western traditions of European countries. Let's discuss in brief the significance of each of these colours in terms of Christmas.

1. Green

Various plants are used during the season to decorate houses and streets during the time of winters to make people know that this season of winters will not last forever and it will end very soon. It reminds that spring is will soon come to make the environment a great one. This tradition has been followed from a long span of time.

From time immemorial Romans used to share with each other evergreen branches of trees during the time of January to wish each other good luck. In the ancient times Egyptians used to keep branches of palm during the time of winter festival.

Also, in some parts of the Europe, plays of paradise were performed during the time Christmas. They were told the stories of the bible (often those who could not read those stories). In the play, the pine tree having red tied around the tree was chosen to represent the "Paradise Tree" in the Garden of Eden. And, most importantly, green helps in the representation of Christmas tree which is a must during the celebration. Green is one of the most important Christmas colours which can be seen everywhere in the Christmas decoration.

2. White

White color is a vivid representation of peace and purity! During the winter, the snow that we witness has also a white color. Also, on various occasions, white wafers are used to decorate the paradise tree of the Christmas. These wafers represent the bread that is eaten during Christian Communion, a time when people remembered that it were these breads because of which Jesus died. In addition to that, in most of the churches white is used as the color of Christmas.

White Tree
3. Red

In the earlier times, red was used to represent the apples laden on the Paradise tree. These apples and their red color represented the fall of Adams. Red is also considered as the color of the Holly berries, which is often used to represent the blood of Jesus who is believed to have died on the cross. In additions to that, red is also the Bishop robes' colours! These must first have been worn by ST. Nicholas which then became the uniform of Santa.

Red Tree
4. Blue

Blue is a significant colours of Christmas, which represents Jesus mother's. In the earlier times, blue dye color was more expensive than that of the gold. And, so only the people from the royal families and kings used to wear blue because they were important people of the whole community. During Christmas, Mary was painted with blue color to show that she was a significant person of the community.

Blue Tree
5. Gold

Gold is considered as the color associated with light and Sun, both of which are very important during the season of dark winters. Also, Red and Gold are the colors of fire that are required to maintain the warmth of the body. Though, sometimes, silver is also used in place of gold, but Gold is the color that actually represents warmth.

Gold Tree
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