25th December, 2022

Christmas in Denmark

Christmas in Denmark is full of exciting traditions like Advent wreath, the calendar candle, Christmas seal, lights, dance, and of course presents. The Christmas Eve i.e. 24th of December is an ecstatic eve with presents, dinner gatherings, and merry-making time with family and friends. People observe the Christmas mass and enjoy the time together singing Christmas Carols.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Denmark?

Christmas celebrations in Denmark,in most families,start from 1st December. Families light 24 candles each night leading to 24th December i.e. the Christmas Eve. The excitement is high for all 24 days prior to the special eve with advent calendars, Christmas series TV programs and small presents. Danish Christmas celebrations include a Christmas tree adorned withelegant Danish Christmas tree decorations, national flag festoons etc.

Here are some more ways in which people celebrate Christmas in Denmark -

  • Christmas Dinner in Denmark: The meal with family and relatives is an essential part of Christmas celebrations in Denmark where you can see dinner served on a decorated dining table quite early. The famous Christmas food includes pork, goose and roast duck nicely stuffed with prunes and apples. They also eat sweet potatoes, cranberry jam, red cabbage and beetroot sauce.‘Ris à l’amande’ and ‘risengrød’ are the must have Christmas desserts here. Danish people play an interesting game by hiding an almond in the dessert bowl. The one who finds the almond gets the present with a loud cheer from everyone around.

  • Christmas Celebrated in Denmark

  • Gifting Animals: Going by the old traditions, some people bring small presents for the furry friends (animals) with a belief that animals can talk on the Christmas Eve and they would not like them to talk ill.

  • Dancing: People dance around the decorated Christmas tree well decorated and having gold and silver stars on the top. This is followed by dancing and singing Christmas carols. They open and exchange their gifts after dancing and singing.
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