25th December, 2022

Christmas Day in Iceland

Christms in IcelandSweden, the most important day is Christmas Eve. A special Christmas meal is eaten on Christmas Eve - ham (pork), herring fish, and brown beans - and this is the time when families give presents to each other. Many people attend a church meeting early on Christmas Day.

Christmas is called Jul and it actually follows their heathen midwinter celebration. There is no Jul without the Julklap (the Christmas knocking). People go around the house mysteriously knocking on the doors and presents are quickly shoved into the room. Then every member of the family has to find the right present.


Iceland, the land of ice and snow has thirteen Santa Clauses! Thirteen days before Christmas, the first Santa comes down from the mountains and goes round every single house to put little treats in children's shoes while they sleep. If they've been good they get goodies such as mandarins, scratch cards, sweets etc. - or a potato if they've been bad!

The next day the second one comes to town and so on. Then on the 25th the first one goes back, the next day the second one goes back. The 6th of January is called "the thirteenth" and is classed as the last day of Christmas because that day the last Santa goes back home.

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