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The Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem What is the Star of Bethlehem?

This is actually not clear till date and there is no clear explanation with regard to that!! But there are theories related to super novas, comets and conjunction of planets. There is an explanation of something that is actually very super natural like that of an "angel shining in light".

How does Bible Explain the Star of Bethlehem"?

During the King Herod time when Jesus Christ was born, from the Far East Magi came to Jerusalem and asked about the boy who was the born king of the Jews. He said that, in the East they have seen the star and have come to worship "the born king of the jews".

Upon hearing this, Herald, the king got disturbed. He then called the king Magi and asked about the exact time when they have seen the star. He then sent them to Bethlehem and ordered them to make a search for the child. He asked them to report as soon as the child will be found, so that, he too could worship the star. Upon hearing this, they went onto the search for the child and were overwhelmed to discover the child.

They discovered the child with their Mother Mary and they prostrated before the child! Also, they opened their treasure to gift it to the child along with incense and myrrh. And, since they have been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod and so returned back to their country taking some other route.

What's the story of the Star?

These wise men known as Magi are believed to have come from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran or Yemen. Often they are referred to as three kings although the bible does not explicitly explain their number. They were called as three wise men because of the gifts that they brought.

These wise men saw an unusual star in the sky and were of the idea that this star indicated the birth of a unique and benevolent king in Israel. In the Bible, it has been said that, they saw the star in the East d while they were in Jerusalem; the star was ahead of them and stopped where the child was born. And, the star would have been in South probably in Bethlehem when the Magi were in Jerusalem.

As per their astrological studies, the star was the sign of something very unusual and it said that there is going to be a king in Israel which must be visited


Here is a brief explanation of how people have tried to find the star following the astrology that the Magi were adept at.


Comets are generally seen as the indication of death of a King or bad happening. They will never symbolise the birth and are never at one place for a very long time.

Super Nova

A Super Nova is formed when a star at the end of its life explodes. But same as the comets, Super Nova does not indicate the birth of something rather the death.

Super Nova
Dancing Planet

A Dancing planet exists where things start making more sense! And, there exist great theories when more than three items stand in a line in the sky.

Dancing Planet
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