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Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations The use of a Christmas tree indoors appears to have begun in Germany. In some areas evergreen trees were scarce so the families would build a Christmas pyramid, simple wooden structures which they decorated with branches and candles. The English Royalty help popularize the tree in England by decorating the first Christmas tree with candles, candies, fruits, and gingerbread.

Early Christmas trees were often decorated with apples, nuts, cookies, colored popcorn and candles. The invention of electricity in the early 20th century and use of electrical Christmas lights helped spread the use of the Christmas tree. Today, decorating the Christmas tree is an enjoyable activity which everyone likes to get involved in. The finished tree adds a certain warmth to any building.


For many families, the holiday season begins with the selection and decoration of a Christmas tree. One can choose any type of Christmas tree ranging from a hefty pine or a dignified fir, the warm glow of a lighted Christmas tree will remain as an enduring holiday symbol. Everything about the tree, from the ornaments that adorn the branches to the selection of tinsel, garland or ribbon, speaks volumes about the traditions of Christmas.


Clear or multicolored lights can be selected to decorate the trees. Many people choose clear or white miniature lights because they complement any colors used for ornaments or other decorations. But multicolored strands give a traditional and festive look. There are also strands of a single color, such as red or blue. Strands of a single color go well with certain theme trees.

Theme Trees

A theme tree anchors the Christmas holiday decorating scheme and is gaining popularity every year. Many people find that theme trees allow further personalization of holiday decorating since they can be decorated with special collections or items of interest. A theme can be anything, like a color, a decorating style, a shape. Some of the interesting themes include:

Angels and Cherubs: All colors, crocheted lace and other textures Bears: Tiny teddy bears all over Color Theme: Red, gold, blue, winter white, pink or any combination. Country: Handmade ornaments and craft pieces. Fisherman: Tiny tackle boxes, nets and lures with fish ornaments. Gardener: Tiny flowers and vegetables and small garden implements. Handmade: Do a tree with all handmade ornaments. Victorian: Hearts in pink, cream and gold and lots of lace.

Hanging Ornaments

When it comes to ornaments, anything goes. Ornaments can be more than a ball with a hook. Cards, ribbons, bells and dolls are all great decorations for the tree. To give the tree more dimension, ornaments are hanged everywhere, deep into the branches, at the top and bottom of the tree.

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