25th December, 2019

What is Christmas?

Christmas is the most observed and recognized festival of the Christians all over the world and it commemorates Jesus Christ’s birth. It is celebrated on the 25th of December in every part of the world. Christmas celebrates the purpose of the birth of Christ. In the modern world, the festival has become too commercialized but none the less it celebrates the divine love of God for his mortals on earth.What is the Real Meaning of Christmas?

The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Almighty in a humble manger. It is the celebration of Nativity of Christ and the unselfish love of God. He gave his son (Jesus) to the world to save it from vice and evil. God loves the mortal human beings so much that he sent his son as a saviour of the world, who took birth as a human in a modest manger.

Why is Christmas Celebrated?

Every year Christmas is celebrated as a token of gratitude, for the kindness showered by God. People all over the world rejoice and celebrate the birth of God among the mortals, by worshipping him, exchanging gifts and giving charity to the less fortunate and poor. The spirit of Christmas epitomizes the true love of God for his mortals. This love is depicted by the birth of Christ, who is sent by God to take up all the sins of the mortal human beings upon him. By accepting this divine gift of love the mortals on earth become free from condemnation. It is believed that Lord Christ was sent to earth to save the world from malice, virtues and all kinds of sins committed by human beings.

Christmas celebrates the historical event of God entering the world to save it through his holiness and perfection. The spirit of Christmas tells humans to have faith in the goodness of God and trust him to be saved from his righteous judgement.

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