25th December, 2022

Christmas Day Wedding

Having a wedding during Christmas is a very romantic idea and with thoughtful planning a couple can save a lot on decorations. As the venues are decorated with various Christmas ornaments for the festival, a couple need not shell out too much on the decoration. Many factors should be taken note of while hosting a Christmas themed wedding, such as the colours to be used for decoration, the attires of the grooms, brides and flower girls along with the choice of bouquets they carry.

The main colour of a Christmas themed wedding is white. Gold, silver and purple can add the extra glamour and glitz and the Christmas candles and the trees also play a crucial role in a Christmas themed wedding party.

Apparel for Christmas Wedding:

The attire of the groom and the bride is of utmost importance in the Christmas wedding. A mermaid juxtaposed on luxurious soft fur is the perfect bride look for a winter wedding. A lot of thoughtful consideration should go into the attires of bride maids as well.

Decoration for Christmas Wedding:

In a Christmas themed wedding, it is a great idea to have purple and deep red shades interspersed with white hues. The bride maids can carry purple lilies and Christmas trees should be used to adorn the wedding venue. Silver, gold and berry shades as well as bright shades of emerald, turquoise, amethyst and ruby also look wonderful fir adorning the wedding venue.

Flowers for Christmas Wedding:

This is a very important consideration and it includes the decoration of the venue or church hall to the bouquets carried by the flower girls. For the bridal bouquets round posies or tightly packed roses or tulips look amazing. It is a good idea to go for hanging floral displays and cover the in-between gaps with the Christmas baubles. Poinsettias plants can be used on the table tops for decoration.

Food for Christmas Day Wedding:

After the attires and decoration, the most important aspect that should be considered is the food for the Christmas wedding. Warm cheese fritters, piping hot tomato soup, baked or grilled cheese appetizers, soup in mini mugs, cheese and macaroni bites, roasted vegetables, chocolate lava cakes and an innovatively created potato bar with various toppings are some good food suggestions for Christmas weddings.

Music for Christmas Weddings:

The best music to be chosen for Christmas themed wedding party is hymns and carols. Another good idea is to hire the services of a choral group that deck up in the period clothing.

Activities at a Christmas Wedding:

The activities chosen for a Christmas wedding should be full of zest and zeal to reflect the high spirit of festivity. A brilliant idea is to play jingle bells and let a Santa surprise the guests. The children would specially love this. The Santa can dance with the guests, give toys to the children and even play the DJ. Personalize charade games to include wedding theme. Another fun game could be passing around fortune cookies and breaking them to read funny messages.

These are some innovative ideas that can be used to spice up a Christmas themed wedding. Consider and plan carefully each and every detail of the wedding to make it a grand success.

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