25th December, 2019

Christmas Vacations

The enjoyable festival of Christmas is celebrated with a lot of zest and vigour all over the world. This is the time for a perfect vacation with family or friends by the sea or atop a hill. Check out some of the best Christmas vacation ideas.

Some of the Best Places to Spend Christmas:

New York: The Big Apple is the place to celebrate Christmas Eve. Grand celebrations are held there every year. At the Rockefellar Center, a giant Christmas tree is adorned every year and the tradition has been followed for the past 84 years.

Bath: A seasonal market, 18 day long is held here during the Christmas time. This attraction lures tourists to Bath from all over the world during Christmas. This quaint British market sells innovative handmade crafts.

Barcelona: This is a city in Spain that is worth a visit during the Christmas season. Enjoy the parade through streets displaying fantastic floats of giraffes, camels and elephants in sparkling costumes during the Christmas season.

Nuremberg: This beautiful city in Germany is popular for its Christmas market that exhibits exquisitely crafted handmade toys. During Christmas time vendors showcase commendable artwork as they compete for the “most beautiful stall design award.”

Honolulu: This place in Hawaii flaunts an iconic 15meter tall Christmas tree, 6meter tall Santa Clause, vibrant parade and music at its month long Christmas celebration held at the Honolulu City Lights.

Quebec City: Have the time of your life at the Christmas Village that props up during Christmas time. Tickle your taste buds with roast chestnuts or sausage at the Christmas market and enjoy watching the huge Christmas tree at Quebec made from sheet metal.

Reykjavik: This city in Iceland is popular for its unique Christmas celebration. During the Christmas time rows of cute huts ace the Yule Town Christmas Market where visitors can buy decorations, treats and Christmas gifts. According to a popular tradition followed in Iceland, thirteen scruffy Santa Clause gifts children for thirteen consecutive nights before Christmas.

Salzburg: The Yuletide tradition is followed in this Austrian city with a lot of pomp and glory. During the Christmas time people dressed as Alpine beasts popularly called “krampuses “ rummage throughout the streets looking for naughty children to punish.

Strasbourg: This French City is gradually transformed into a dreamy Christmas Village during the Yuletide season. Here tourists and visitors can feast on potato cakes and mulled wine or enjoy live music and street art at the Christmas fair held at Strasbourg.

Queenstown: Enjoy the Christmas fair held at the Lakefront and gorge on a delectable Christmas lunch of seafood, lamb or chicken. Enjoy Christmas lazing on the sun-kissed beaches or paragliding on the Lake Wakatipu.

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