25th December, 2022

Christmas Day Celebration in Brazil

Christmas in Brazil is celebrated as “dia de festas.” One of the most popular celebrations of the country, the mixed culture and traditions of Brazil blend together, to celebrate the mother of all festivals. In fact, Brazil is one of the most traditional yet unique nations that enjoy Christmas celebrations with presents, food, fun and frolic.

How is Christmas celebrated in Brazil?

A Portuguese speaking nation, Brazilians follow all the customary rituals and traditions of Christmas celebrations. However, Christmas in Brazil is a mix of Portuguese, American and Mexican practices.

Christmas celebrations in Brazil begin with Presepio – a common tradition where people create beautiful naivety scenes and even set them up in malls, public platforms and homes. A bed of straw on which Lord Christ slept in Bethlehem is a close resemblance of Christmas. Presepios is set up in early December and retained till New Year’s Eve.

Christmas in Brazil

Traditionally, folk play is a very important part of Brazilian culture and celebrations. Los Pastores are folk plays based on the story of the shepherd and its family, which is enacted during Christmas in Brazil.

The Santa Claus in Brazil is called the Papai Noel, also considered the gift bringer of the country. He brings loads of gifts for children and families, wrapped in colourful boxes.

Finally, the Brazilian Christmas feast is one hush-hush affair. It includes a local infusion of food and traditional dishes along with red wine. The exotic dishes include fresh vegetables, exotic fruits, garlic and kale, roasted turkey, roasted pork, fish, chocolate cake, Brazilian nut pie, cold potato salad, colourful rice and much more.

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