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Christmas Bells

The Christmas Bells form an integral part of the festival. In the Catholic and the Anglican churches, the service begins at sunset and any service delivered after sunset is regarded as first service and is indicated by the ringing of bells. Thus the significance of the Christmas bells can be traced back to this tradition of the churches.

What is the History of Christmas Bells?

It is a popular tradition in the UK churches to ring the largest bell four times before midnight and all the bells at midnight to celebrate the birth of Christ who was believed to have taken birth at midnight. In the Catholic churches during Christmas the Mass is allowed to take place at midnight and it is a popular tradition that during the midnight mass, the church bells ring while priest says “Gloria.” Midnight masses were held to celebrate the birth of Christ. This explains the origin of the Christmas bells. They are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Christmas Bells

What is the Symbolism of Christmas Bells?

Bells symbolize harmony that exists in the society. Christmas bells are regarded as protective symbol and they ring to drive away negativity. The ringing of bell in the church is a holy declaration of the presence of Jesus at the mass.

What is the Symbolism of Christmas Bells

What Do Christmas Bells Represent?

The bells represent the medium between earth and heaven. The clappers and their bells act as a medium of suspension and communication between God and the human beings. The sound of the bells proclaimed Jesus Christ’s birth on earth.

Christmas Bells Represent

Significance of Christmas Bells:

Bells in general signify celebration. Apart from representing celebration, bells mark major events, like Christmas, weddings etc. As a result bells form an inherent part of various ceremonies and ushers the beginning of spring. It is believed that Christmas bells have the ability to drive away evil spirits and it announces the arrival of God Almighty.

Significance of Christmas Bells
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