25th December, 2017

Christmas: It's the time to Celebrate and Learn the Mystic Lessons of Jesus

Posted on : 21th December, 2017

How can you spread the message of compassion that Jesus came on this earth with? And, this is the most important question to be taken care of while one is entering into the zone of the Christmas Day celebration. There are a number of ways which can be used to assure Jesus, on his birth anniversary that we are following the message of Lord Christ.

Here some of the ways in which you can help people understand the real meaning Christmas celebration…….

Message of Compassion:

And, the one important thing that Jesus taught us all was the message of compassion! There have been people in the past who have understood the real meaning of the celebration of Christmas. People like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Buddha are some of the examples who have come to realize their responsibilities as the children of Jesus Christ. You must take up a task, on every Christmas day, not for the self, just doing some good to the society. Like take up the task of financing the education of a child who is in need of it.

Message of Love:

Be it any living creature, fall in love with! Jesus had given us this great lesson of loving for a cause. Just make sure that you are keeping your ears and eyes open to those lessons of Jesus, which he wanted us all to follow. On Christmas day 2018, just make that thread of love strong and make the Universe a beautiful place to live in.

Message of Education/Knowledge:

Knowledge is the most efficient tool ever!! Make the helpless and the downtrodden to acquire that knowledge that can help them in further contributing to making the world a beautiful place to live in. Vow to educate, if not many but a few of the needy people in your lifetime, no matter what. And, it is where you will be able to follow that pious path Jesus taught us to follow.

Message of Harmony/Peace:

A Peaceful living is one of the important parts of a civilized living! Jesus was sent to the Earth for spreading the message of peace and finding tranquility in being with the fellow citizens. Jesus taught that living in harmony and peace with each other will result into long term faithfulness and love. So, the best thing that one can do, during Christmas can is to be in peace and to help learn the fellow members, follow the path of peace and harmony.

Message of Togetherness:

Being a united chunk can solve a lot many of problems! It has been rightly said that divided we fall, united we stand and that proverb is actually a piece of explanation that Jesus tried us to clarify. Don't live as an individual but live as a chunk of individuals, so that, if there is any situation, you will not just be one to fight it out, but there will be a large chunk of people who will surely handle any situation together with courage.

So, these are some of the very important messages that Jesus gave us all!! On his birth anniversary which is celebrated on 25th of December, every year with the name, Christmas Day, one should try to inculcate the entire above message of being the perfect humans of the society. Apart from, decorating the Christmas tree, meeting up with Santa, extending gifts and wearing new clothes, people must not forget these great lessons taught by Jesus Christ.

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