25th December, 2017

Christmas Articles

Exquisite Christmas Holiday Destinations Worldwide!
Posted on : 22nd December 2016
If you want to spend this magical day of the year, Christmas, in a picture-postcard place, which looks as if a story from a children’s story book is going in your life, then you must plan to spend your Christmas....
Major Traditions of Christmas Day Celebration!
Posted on : 19th December 2016
Many of the traditions of Christmas that exist today were born centuries ago before the birth of Christ. The modern day traditions of exchanging gifts, bonfires, carnivals, songs of carollers which echo....
Christmas Gifts and Their Relevance For People Of Different Genre!
Posted on : 16th December 2016
Christmas is celebrated in most countries to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. It was first observed by Romans. Christmas acts as catalyst to a happy and wonderful life....
The History behind Christmas Day Celebration on December 25
Posted on : 12th December 2016
The Christian community can’t even imagine their existence without the December 25 celebration of Christmas. In fact this was not true at all in the earlier days; the fact is that the birth of Jesus Christ and Christmas....
Christmas Gifting: A Tradition Spreading Happiness on the Festive Day!
Posted on : 24th November 2016
Christmas, the biggest festival of Christians is arriving soon and people are getting ready for this cheerful festival. And what is building the excitement for this cheerful festival among all...
Christmas Flowers Bunches That Are Perfect for Greeting Loved Ones!
Posted on : 9th December 2015
Flowers have always been one of the topmost choices to greet someone dear on special celebrations. Thus on Christmas, flower bunches, bouquets and flower baskets turn out as most sought after gifting ...
Christmas Gifts For the Women in Your Life
Posted on : 21st December 2014
Christmas is here, the time of festivities and celebrations. This is also the time for exchanging gifts with people close to you, your loved ones.

More on Christmas - Popular Beliefs and Superstitions
Posted on : 15th December 2014
In the previous article we had discussed some of the popular superstitious beliefs related to Christmas and explained the reasons behind them. To understand this further, lets discuss more such beliefs.
Traditions - The True Essence of Christmas Celebrations
Posted on : 14th December 2014
As is with any festival, Christmas too has many traditions and customs which are being carried forward by families the world over. These traditions and customs may be as varied as the diversity in cultures. Some, though are common to everyone celebrating Christmas in any part of the world.

Unique and Personalised Gifting Ideas this Christmas
Posted on : 08th December 2014
What makes a gift invaluable and priceless? A gift should not be judged by its material value but rather by the love and creativity that goes into making it. A gift's value also does not lie in the effort that goes in making it. A gift can be simple but still beautiful because of the thoughtfulness and the underlying message that is the inspiration behind it.
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