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Was Santa Claus a Male Fairy or Just Another Man From The Crowd? Let�s Know Here�

Posted on : 13th December, 2018

While thinking of the most awaited person in this world on Christmas Eve, the name that clicks anyone�s mind is undoubtedly, Santa Claus. But has anyone ever thought of how the concept of Santa Claus came into light and gained so much prominence? It is believed that Santa Claus is native to North Pole, but his historical odyssey is much longer and extremely wonderful than his once-in-a-year global tour on Christmas Eve.

To know more about him, let�s take a dive into the true story of the much-loved Santa Claus-

Santa Claus: An ordinary child with a humble and generous heart

Like we know Santa Claus today as a happy and a thrilling person, he was a total different fellow back then. Neither did he have a long white beard and whiskers, nor a big red suit.

Long before when Santa Claus was believed to be a resident of the North Pole, and also much before his regular Christmas visits to children across the world, he was a simple child like everyone. He was a child of his loving parents who named him Nicholas, which means "hero of the people". Being an only child, his parents have high hopes from him. They believed that he will do something big and special in the future and make them proud.

Nicholas was naturally imbibed with the feelings of generosity and kindness ever since his childhood. He always lends a helping hand to the people who needed help. Whether it is about sharing the meals with the hungry people or bringing happiness in the lives and faces of young and elders alike, the young Nicholas was a best friend to all.

Very soon, he joined the church with a hope of helping and serving people of his village. During his services to the church, he always demonstrated special concern and treatment to the children of the village. Soon the village children developed fondness for him owing to his friendly and playful nature.

The news of Nicholas� kindness and wisdom spread across the land like fire and brought him immense praises and popularity. With such fame and recognition, he was soon declared a Bishop of the church. As Nicholas was still a young boy, people referred him as "Boy Bishop�.

While taking a ride on a horseback, Nicholas used to wear a long red robe and a red hat. Such was his popularity among children that they spot him from a distance looking at his bright attire and ran to wish him.

Journey of Santa Claus from Bishop Nicholas to Saint Nicholas and then a Gift Giver

While on his visit to a village, a distressing story of a needy old man and his three young daughters fell into the ears of Bishop Nicholas. The old man was not in a condition to feed his daughters anymore and his heart filled with anguish and pain. The family�s survival was in question. Hearing this story, Bishop Nicholas decided to help the family.

The same night, when the whole village was sleeping, Nicholas went to the hut where the family lived. He crawled up to the chimney stack, and dropped three bags of gold, one by one. Each of the bags containing gold fell into the three stockings hung by the fireplace. These three stockings belong to the three sisters who have hung their stockings after wash by the fireplace to dry. When the three sisters woke up in the morning, they were overjoyed to see the gold coins in their stockings. They called out to their father, saying "We have received a magical gift!".

As this story of the three sisters spread across the villages, people began to hang their socks by the fireplace with a hope of receiving such a valuable gift in the morning. Even though it was the most popular gift from Bishop Nicholas, but this gift was not an end to his good deeds. There were many more to come. Bishop Nicholas had a fun thirst of surprising people. He continued to surprise people by delivering mysterious gifts filled with joy at night, while people were asleep.

Considering his good deeds for children, he was made a Saint in less time. Just like other saints, a day was dedicated in honor of him. It was known as St. Nicholas Day. Every year, on December 6, this day is observed to cherish Nicholas� good deeds. The day was celebrated with full vigor and joy all over the world. People began to hang their stocking by the fireplace in the night and next morning, when they woke up, their stockings were filled with fruits, candies, chocolates, fruits, nuts, etc. St. Nicholas never failed to surprise anyone with his incredible gifts.

Santa Claus: In today�s scenario

People impersonating as Santa Clauses today are actually carrying forward the tradition of St. Nicholas of spreading happiness and joy among the people on the eve of Christmas. It is not the gifts that matter, but the hope and belief that people have in their hearts for Santa Claus. Even a small toy or a candy is enough to strengthen people�s belief in the �Father of Christmas�.

Merry Christmas!!!
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