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Unique and Personalised Gifting Ideas this Christmas

Posted on : 08th December 2014
What makes a gift invaluable and priceless? A gift should not be judged by its material value but rather by the love and creativity that goes into making it. A gift's value also does not lie in the effort that goes in making it. A gift can be simple but still beautiful because of the thoughtfulness and the underlying message that is the inspiration behind it.

The best gifts are always the ones that have the personal touch and thus encompass the individuality of the giver. The gift making might be effortless but a lot of planning should go into it. A gift can be simple or intricate and that purely depends on the personality of the person for whom it is being designed or crafted. The occasion is equally important when deciding on a gift.

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas this year with your loved ones by surprising them with a gift that is unique and personal at the same time. Here we present some interesting gifting ideas,

  • Christmas Diary – List the Christmases that are important or valued for some emotional reason. Pictures of each Christmas listed can be added as well as any interesting anecdotes related to the occasion. This gift would become a memorabilia, an object linked to all past memories.

  • Christmas Video Diary - Feature in your own family video, this is an excellent gifting idea as the occasion would be documented for years to come.
  • Homemade Food Baskets - Bake cookies or pastries or make homemade chocolates. These can be put in baskets and handmade cards can be added to the gift basket. Homemade food gifts always add that personal touch to the occasion.

  • Handmade Portraits - This requires a little more creativity in terms of sketching and drawing skills. Find a picture of the person whom you want to wish Merry Christmas and hand paint or sketch as closely on a drawing sheet, poster size. Send Christmas wishes in this uniquely personalised way by adding a message on the back of the sketch for the person or occasion.

  • Printed/Painted Apparels - These can be t-shirts, caps, jackets etc. Christmas wishes can be either hand printed or painted on the t-shirt or jacket. You can be as creative with the way you convey your message through prints or paint.

  • Personalised Family Portraits - Find Pictures of your family and friends and make a collage of these memories. Once framed, these make an excellent gift choice for any occasion and what better time than Christmas for this gifting idea.

  • Christmas Surprise Mugs - You can give someone a set of mugs with something inside that suits the festive occasion and that matches the personality of the recipient. The mug can be further embellished or decorated to suit the festive occasion.

  • Handmade Message Book - Make everyone in the family or friends write something for the person for whom the book is addressed to. Decorate or paint or add pictures, cover with a wrapping sheet and get it spiral or hard bound to be finally presented to your loved one.

The added personal touch in designing a gift makes all the difference to this simple ritual of giving gifts. This festive season, make gifting an experience in itself and not just the continuance of a tradition.

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