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The History behind Christmas Day Celebration on December 25

Posted on : 12th December, 2016
The Christian community can’t even imagine their existence without the December 25 celebration of Christmas. In fact this was not true at all in the earlier days; the fact is that the birth of Jesus Christ and Christmas was not even celebrated. Rather the major holiday was 6th January which was celebrated as the arrival of Magi which comes after the birth of Jesus and Easter which celebrated the reincarnation of Jesus. 25 December officially came into existence, celebrating the birth of Jesus, was in 336 A.D in the earlier calendar of Romans.

Though, most of the scholars are not so sure about the actual day of the birth of Jesus Christ but still December 25 is celebrated all across the globe as Christmas day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. It officially was accepted as the Christmas day celebration on 25th December, sometimes during the fourth century by Roman church bishops. Here we will be discussing the explicit reason for Christmas celebration on 25th December.

  • In earlier days, the Romans worshipped one true God, the creator of all things and it was only when they turned into worshipping Sun, that December 25 as the birth anniversary of Jesus. They gradually had recognized the significance of Sun in their life. So, to commemorate their dependence they organized feasts throughout December when days seem shorter. Their celebration included building bonfires to strengthen the potency of Sun and taking him back to life. When the days started growing longer people found great joy in celebration.

  • Gradually, in order to Christianize this pagan celebration Romans decided to celebrate the winter solstice to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. But most part of the world could not find any relevance of the fact. Today, we are left with the bizarre of Christian and pagan elements in the celebration of Christmas.

  • In spite of plethora of traditions of December and a vague idea on weather Christ was born or not on December 25th it is celebrated in order to throw light to the mercifulness of Jesus and the true creator of the world.

The essence of celebration lies in the fact that we want the people to know that the world can be made a peaceful and serene place to live and grow. This day is celebrated to teach people that they can be made righteous by inculcating faith and following the teaching of the creator, the Jesus.

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