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Exquisite Christmas Holiday Destinations Worldwide!

Posted on : 22nd December, 2016
If you want to spend this magical day of the year, Christmas, in a picture-postcard place, which looks as if a story from a children’s story book is going in your life, then you must plan to spend your Christmas at one of these magical locations. Plan your Christmas holiday in one of these locations and add a beautiful chapter in the story of your life!

Some of the magical Christmas holiday destinations are:

Christmas in Vienna, Austria

Vienna will have a delightful Christmas holiday experience for sure for its old-fashioned surrounding having the fragrance of gluhwein all around, beautiful decoration all around and its majestic architecture. People can have easy access to an assortment of artisan wares and various ornaments. Besides that, it also has provision for the foodies, with mouth-watering food and spiced mulled wine. Music and party lovers can enjoy Choir concerts.

Christmas in California

California gives people an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing Christmas with family where people can get to experience a wide variety of Christmas holiday events. California is considered to be one of the best Christmas holiday destinations where people can visit unique museums and wineries. People can shop in, Monterey, Healdsburg Carmel-by-the-Sea, Newport Beach and several other places in California. Kids will love to visit San Diego for the San Diego Zoo, Maritime Museum and USS Midway Museum.

Christmas in Florida

The sunny and warm weather of the place makes it perfect Christmas holiday destination. It has a wide variety of activities and endless number of beach views. People can plan heading towards tropical Key West and relaxing in Miami and then move on to exploring other towns and cities. Some very romantic and popular holiday destinations in Florida are Naples, Tampa, and Sanibel Island. For a relaxing Christmas celebration, plan a week long holiday.

Christmas in Valkenburg, Netherlands

There is not going to be a better place than Valkenburg, Netherlands for the shopaholics, who want to decorate their home with items like Marlstone products and traditional Polish handicrafts on Christmas. It is considered to be the largest and oldest subterranean market for Christmas in Europe which is underneath the earth set in muddle of caves. The market opens up in the month of November and runs till Christmas. The city gets embellished with glistening of the market and looks like the wonderland of storytelling books. Kids are very much amazed by the caves which also include Santa with his reindeer and sleigh.

Christmas in Nuremberg, Germany

Every year Nuremberg, Germany market entices over two million people for the incredible displays by shop vendors competing to get most amazing staff design award. Here the good thing is that you will not encounter any fake piece of decoration item and the market council is very much conscious about offering customers only with traditional handmade toys and other goods for the visitors. The market gets decorated in Christmas glory and as you move inside the market tempting smell of mulled wine, roasted almonds and gingerbread can be observed. Children will enjoy the Toy Museum and the two tiered carousel.

These are some most sought after Christmas holiday destination worldwide which will for sure compel you to think about planning yet another holiday at very short interval.

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