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How Christmas Songs can be as bad to somebody as they are effective for the other one?

Posted on : 11th December, 2017

And, most of us read only one side of the Christmas songs!! Just like many other things that exist in the Universe Christmas songs too have the other side of the coin. Same as they can bring in the flood of joy and pleasure, it can also escalate the level of anxiety in people

The time around the Christmas day is one of the most celebrating times of the year and the world looks absolutely decorated and decked up. The pleasurable songs paying all around create the aura around that looks ready for celebration. There are people who actually are not able to take up the loud sound and they get to experience the other side of its effect. There are people who have to keep them away from the hue and cries emanating from the loud Christmas songs playing all around in the market and in houses.

Psychologists have given proof at a number of occasions about the adverse affects of playing loud music constantly during Christmas. It can have bad effect on the mental health of people and that too much if the exposure is particularly continuous. There are wide-ranging explanations to this using various neuropsychological reasoning

What exactly results from Hearing Christmas Music?

It has been proved that each mind associate with the Christmas music according to their memories specially that of the childhood memories. There are those who will associate and feel the Christmas music as the symbol of the happy times, of sharing and receiving gifts and playing around with their dear ones. While there are other people whose bad moments are associated with this music and that force people going in those times. We must understand that, every coin has its two sides and that Christmas music can have good as well as bad implications, if it can bring in the tone of happiness, it too can act as a reminiscent to the bad memories to many out there.

There is that chunk of the population that has childhood not so good and normal. It may be that they have experienced some kind of loss and that suddenly start showing up whenever there is this Christmas music floating all around. It acts as an instrument of invoking people's level of emotional loss. For this section of the population, therefore listening to the Christmas music can be really very painful.

Why Christmas music can be more associated with the Childhood?

It is the childhood when people get affected the most emotionally! Of course the phase that we get to suffer while in our childhood does have their affect but those that we face in the childhood have profound effect on out emotional health. This happens because during our childhood prefrontal cortex is not that perfectly developed and that is the reason we are more emotionally active during our childhood. And, whatever we face during our childhood becomes a part of the whole life. Christmas songs and music play as a triggering force for instigating those god/bad emotions hidden beneath the layers of heart. And, if it is that there have been some bad incidences happened in your life in the childhood during the time of Christmas, you will definitely feel a sense of repulsion with the Christmas songs.

Let's understand on this Christmas 2017 that not every time only playing Christmas music can be the testimony of how much dedicatedly you are following the teaching of Jesus.

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