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Christmas Stories

Christmas Stories

The popular festival Of Christmas has motivated authors to write about the Yuletide spirit. The Christmas spirit symbolizes generosity, unselfish love, charity and forgiveness and this is reflected in some famous Christmas stories written by renowned authors like O.Henry, Charles Dickens, and Leo Tolstoy etc. Take a look at some of the best Christmas stories of all times.The Gift of the Magi:

This heart-warming story of the unselfish love shared by a couple is considered to be a timeless classic and one of the best works of the author O.Henry. It is the story of a young and not a well to do couple, Jim and Della, who had only two prized possessions, that is Jim’s golden watch and Della’s beautiful tresses. The story moves the readers by the sacrifice of the prized possessions done by the couple for each other. The story concludes with the narrator comparing the sacrificial gifts of the couple with that of Biblical Magi.

The Elves and the Shoemaker:

This story is taken from the popular collection called “Grimm’s Fairy Tales.” The story revolves around a poor shoemaker and elves. Every night the shoemaker would cut out leather to make a pair of shoes the next day only to find out a beautifully crafted shoe is made to a flawless finish by someone at night. The ace quality shoes earned him a lot of money. One night to quench his curiosity the cobbler and his wife hid behind the curtains to find out who had painstakingly made the shoes for him. Much to his surprise he saw two naked elves toiling hard to make the shoes. He and his wife were overwhelmed and they made clothes and shoes for the naked elves as a token of gratitude. This delighted the tiny elves but they never came back to the workshop of the cobbler as it is believed that fairies and pixies defy clothes, since they see it is as a form of bondage.

The Snowman:

This short story written by Raymond Brigg is about a British boy who builds a snowman on the Christmas Eve that comes alive. The story depicts the friendship between the young lad James and a Snowman and is considered to be one of the best short Christmas stories. The boy welcomes the snowman to his house and shows him the television, running water and lamp. The Snowman loves James‘s pet cat but is afraid of fire. The snowman then takes the boy to meet Santa at the North Pole.

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