25th December, 2019

Christmas Day in Belgium

Christmas celebrations in Belgium can be described as beautiful and jovial. Unlike other countries, Belgium has dual celebrations during Christmas. The country celebrates the advent of 2 visitors – the Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas, or Sinterklass. With this, there’s double celebration all over the country. Families exchange gifts, children enjoy unwrapping presents, and there’s festivity everywhere.

Belgium is the home to a mixed group of communities and cultures. On the eve of Christmas, people wish each other in their language saying ‘Djoyeus Noye’ or ‘Vrolijk Kerstfeest.’ The festive mood and holiday season sets in a moth before the eve.

Christmas Day in Belgium

How is Christmas Celebrated in Belgium?

Christmas celebrations in Belgium are all about bonding and love. People host a fond Christmas feast that starts with a lovely drink and nibbles, followed by appetizers. Starters are usually seafood, which is also a speciality of Belgium. Belgians feast mainly on meat, roasted turkey, roasted pork etc. Accompaniments like salads, gravy, vegetables and soups are prepared as an integral part of this feast. Finally, it is red wine that completes a Belgian Christmas meal followed by desserts.

The Christmas cake is also an integral part of Christmas celebrations in Belgium.

Traditions in Belgium

The feast of St. Nicholas is one of the most important events during Christmas celebrations in Belgium. It is held on December 6 every year. The day starts with a special church service and ends with an exotic meal at the family dinner table. Baked treats and specially prepared Belgian dishes are served on this day.

Christmas in Belgium is a grand celebration. Besides carolling and feasting, great masses at the church mark the unity of mankind.

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