25th December, 2019

Christmas in Austria

From late November, Austria dresses up for Christmas celebrations, which lasts till the end of the year. Christmas in Austria holds a very special meaning.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Austria?

The Advent

Advent is that period during which the entire country prepares to honour the birth of Lord Christ, which begins prior to 4 weeks before December 25, on a Sunday. On this day, every household decorates its living rooms with advent wreaths, ribbons, candles and evergreen woven twigs. On every following Sunday until Christmas, families light up one candle each on the wreath at supper, pray, and sing Christmas carols.

Christmas Market in Austria

Austria’s Christmas market decks up to celebrate the birth of Lord Christ as a part of the tradition. There are picturesque stalls all over, with decorative items, and lots to shop for family and friends.

Christmas Day in Austria
The Celebration

Christmas celebrations in Austria mean fun and frolic. The Christmas tree plays a key role in the celebration. Every Austrian town sets up huge Christmas trees on the main square, adorned with birds and bread crumbs. Families decorate the tress with silver and gold ornaments, stars, straw, candy, sweets etc.

Christmas presents and gifts are also an integral part of the celebration. Presents are placed under the Christmas tree, decorated with embellishments, weeks before the final day.

Christmas celebration in Austria is remarked by the remarkable decorations and world famous classical music concert held at Vienna, the capital city. Celebrations continue until New Year.

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