25th December, 2019

Christmas in Argentina

Christmas celebrations in Argentina have a strong European influence, quite similar to North America and Europe. However, local traditions are almost the same as more than 90 percent of Argentina’s population is dominated by Roman Catholics. Thus, Christmas in Argentina remains special.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Argentina?

Christmas in Argentina is celebrated in the most traditional manner. However, over the years, celebrations are no longer considered a religious event. Houses are decorated beautifully with lights and lovely wreaths of gold, red, green, and white flowers. Garlands of red and white can be seen all over the house. Christmas trees are a special favourite for this celebration. In fact, Christmas celebrations in Argentina begin much early and decorations start off by December 8 every year.

The pesebre or Navity Scene is an integral part of Christmas decorations in Argentina. It is put near the Christmas tree.

Christmas Celebrated in Argentina

The main celebrations take place on December 25, the day of Christmas. Catholics attend the Mass in the late afternoon.

Christmas Celebrations in Argentina and Food

The main Christmas meal is eaten in the evening of December 25. Some of the popular dishes included roasted pork, roasted turkey, salads, stuffed tomatoes, Christmas bread, plum pudding and Pan Dulce pudding.

At midnight, celebrations are at its best with sounds of fireworks and people raise the toast to Christmas.

Christmas celebrations in Argentina is traditionally maintained with paper decorations having lights inside. These are called globos, which light up the sky just like Chinese lanterns. The sky looks overwhelming with globos all over.

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