25th December, 2022

Christmas Day Angels

The Christmas angles form an integral part of celebrations and there are many stories that revolve around them.

Legend of the Christmas Angels:

According to a popular legend, two angel friends who were part of an orchestra band wore pink and blue robes. These two angels sang duets and played the trumpet well. “Temira” was the leader of their orchestra band who announced the great news that a musical event would be held to send “Son of God” to earth as a saviour. The angels were delighted to hear the news and the pink robed angel said that The God Almighty wanted the angels to show themselves to shepherds of Bethlehem but she was afraid that the shepherds would be petrified to see celestial beings. To this the blue robed angel added that the fear of the shepherds could be removed by singing to them and their leader Temira agreed to this. With their angelic voices the angels sang hymns in front of the shepherds praising Lord Jesus and the shepherds hearts were filled with joy.

History of Christmas tree Angels:

Angels played a crucial role during the birth of Christ that is the first Christmas. Gabriel, who is the Archangel announced to Mother Mary that she would be mother of Lord Jesus Christ. Another angel appeared in Joseph’s dream to tell him he would be the father of Jesus. Innumerable angels hovered in the sky of Bethlehem to proclaim the arrival of Lord Jesus on earth as the saviour of the world. Due to the important role played by angels in the first Christmas, they occupied a prominent place right at the top of the Christmas tree.

Symbolic Meaning of Christmas Angels:

Angels were regarded as the messengers of God and they played a vital role during the birth of Christ. The word angel means messenger in Greek. They are celestial beings with a halo around their head and have a pair of wings. The wings of these angels symbolize virtue, cleanliness peace, immortality, love and innocence while their halo symbolizes that they are heavenly beings. They are known to get rid of evil spirit and protect human beings. There are many stories that revolve around these heavenly creatures that tell of the good deeds they have done for human beings.

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