25th December, 2017

Things you can do to Save Environment this Christmas

Posted on : 23th December, 2017

Christmas is an exhilarating celebration, there's so much to celebrate this beautiful day! But have we every thought about doing some good to the nature, something that contribute to the beauty of the world. No not that often that thought has every crept into our mind. This Christmas day do something special, something good to the nature and to the mankind. Here are the ways you can celebrate Christmas in an environment friendly way.

1. Give lesson of environment Safety to a Stranger

And, that is one of the best ideas, one can ever think about! Get onto the odyssey of bettering the environment from today only by catching up with a stranger and giving him the lesson of an environment friendly Christmas celebration. In the course of carrying out the task one needs to be smart and should have great sense of explaining and convincing for what is already right and proven.

2. Organize a cleanliness drive in your neighborhood

Apart from buying gifts, decking ourselves up with pretty clothes and buying gifts, do we ever think about doing something good to the nature which has already gifted us with so many things to rejoice? This Christmas make your surrounding an abode of God by organizing a cleanliness drive in the neighborhood. Motivate everyone to be conscious about cleaning their surroundings. Make sure that the area around your home that falls under 1 km is completely clean and there isn't any heap of waste material lying on the anywhere.

3. Vow to take leave from all the electronic gadgets

Make a promise to yourself that you will not be using any gadget for an hour everyday beginning from the day of Christmas. This will indeed save a lot of the electrical energy and that you will notice an incredible burst of energy within yourself. We are not able to see, but an enormous amount of harmful radiations are emitted from these gadgets that not only are harmful to the human body but also are extremely harmful to the environment. So, make sure that there is an hour in a day when you are not exposing the environment top these harmful radiations.

4. Find ways to save Electricity and water

It may sound crazy to you but this step has to be taken or our attitude will eat up the entire existence of both of these significant resources necessary for the mankind. There a number of ways you can do that. Make it a habit that you are going to switch off all the lights for an hour everyday and in the meantime you will go out to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can save by making sure that all the taps are perfectly closed when they are not being used. Saving these two extremely important forms of energy will be one of the perfect ideas

5. Plant some trees in the neighborhood

May be, if you are living in a developing country, you are not allowed to plant a tree anywhere you want because of the lack of space, but you can make it simple and plant something as small as a Tulsi plant. A Tulsi plant has a great potency to purify the air around you and add on to the good health of the environment. Tulsi plants are extremely beneficial in helping us fight various air-borne diseases. Christmas is the perfect time when you can inculcate the habit of planting trees.

It's not that difficult as we consider it to be!! Our one small step can become a cause for adding more and more Christmas celebrations to someone's life. There are a plenty of ways you can employ to save the environment and thus save the human existence.

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