25th December, 2017

Santa Names Around the World

It is fascinating to know that the legendary Santa Claus is called by countless names in different countries. The names of Santa varies because of diversity in cultures and traditions across the world. Some popular names of Santa Claus according to countries are given below: :

United States of America, Canada Santa Claus
Brazil Papai Noel
China Shengdan Laoren
Chile Viejo Pascuero
Dutch Sinter Klaas
England Father Christmas
Europe Saint Nicholas
Finland Joulupukki
France Pere Noel
Germany Saint Nikolaus
Hawaii Kanakaloka
Holland De Kerstman
Hungary Tel-apo/Mikulas/ Winter grandfather
India Santa Claus, Baba
Italy Babbo Natale
Japan Hoteiosho
Lithuania Kaledu Senelis
Morocco Black Peter
Netherlands Kerstman
Norway Julenissen
Peru Papa Noel
Poland Swiety Mikolaj
Russia Ded Moroz
Scandinavia Julenisse
Spain El Nino Jesus
Sweden Tomten/Jultomten

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